American Sebastes Society Welcome

This is the Official American Sebastes Society Website.

Our society's only goal is to exist long enough to see Mick Jagger through another three wives and four children.

The ASS Fundraiser
Rockfishes Go to War
Press Release

Who are you?
What, is this some sort of inquisition? You came in here through something called the American Sebastes Society Website. Who do you think we are?

Sorry, I mean what are you after?
Oh, well, justice for rockfishes everywhere, for one thing. And, and, we'd like a really good way to cure olives. And don't tell us about making a brine and floating an egg in it. We've done that and it sucks. And we've soaked them for months in plain water and that sucks. And the rock salt in the pillowcase method gives you 50% good ones, 25% too salty ones and 25% that are both too salty and still bitter, so that sucks too.

Do you want my money?
Only if it is a love offering.

Is this some sort of a scam?
All life, my friend, is a scam.

How do I join?
Are you a carbon-based life form?

And do you put your pants on one leg at a time, assuming you wear pants?

And have you ever suffered from "restless leg syndrome", where you can't seem to keep your legs still?

Okay, we'll get back to you.

Rockfishes Go to War
Yes, rockfishes have gone to war, the war on overfishing. In a little-noted codicil to the 1997 Fishery Treaty of Barcelona, overfished species agreed to join any campaign against overfishing. In the northeast Pacific, seven species of rockfishes have thus far been declared overfished by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Thus, exercising its responsibilities under the Treaty of Barcelona, NMFS has called all rockfishes into action. Alert overfishing war correspondent John Hyde snapped this shot on the edge of Scripps Submarine Canyon, near La Jolla, California. Here we see a vermilion rockfish (Sebastes miniatus) at the helm of a requisitioned runabout on the lookout for poachers. Hyde also notes that, in a symbol of solidarity, plastic alligators have also signed on to the crusade.