Listen to America’s Most Piquanttm Marine Biologist
Yes, now you can listen to Milton Love, America’s Most Piquant™ Marine Biologist, in the comfort of your own double-wide. Milton is now an occasional commentator on KPCC’s show, Off-Ramp™,
and here are his commentaries.
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sharks and lips

In which Milton ruminates on our fear of sharks.

scorpionfish and aliens

In which Milton has an epiphany.

Marine Biologist

In which Milton decries the parvenus who claim to be members of the World’s Greatest Profession™.

I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

In which Milton wishes some of his youthful tormentors had been whacked.

Never Eat Anything Older Than Your Grandmother

In which Milton come out forthrightly against gumming piscine senior citizens.

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