Resource Inventory of Marine and Estuarine fishes of the  West Coast and Alaska:
A Checklist of North Pacific and arctic Ocean Species from Baja California to the Alaska-Yukon Border

Between 1995 and 2011, we surveyed the fish assemblages of 22 oil and gas platforms off southern California using the manned research submersibles Delta and Dual DeepWorker. This work was funded by the United States Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (previously the Minerals Management Service), the Biological Resources Division of the United States Geological Survey, and the California Artificial Reef Enhancement Program. The data from these surveys was entered into a Microsoft Access database—we call it Rigbase—and we present that database here.

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Database Changelog:

  • 08-20-2013
    All tables have been altered.
    Minor corrections have been made to tables:
    Navigation data have been corrected for tbl_DIVE so that latitude and longitude
    reflect the starting point of the first transect, except for oil platform dives
    when they are the centerpoint of the platform.
    Two new tables have been added with detailed navigation points.  
    Tbl_Nav_1995to2001 contains navigation fixes at 5 minute intervals along a transect.
    Tbl_Nav_2002to2011 contains navigation fixes every few seconds along a transect.
    Tbl_Depth has been replaced with tbl_CTD which contains additional information (e.g.salinity) for dives later than 2001.
  • 03-05-2012: Data made available to public.
  • 08-24-2012: "Temperature" data added to tbl_Fish for year=2011; "Depth" corrected in tbl_Fish for dive 7244