Mark Carr Wrestles with His Conscience


Mark Carr, of UC Santa Cruz, is an excellent marine biologist, one of the best. But even a stellar scientist like Mark is just a regular person. He puts his pants on one leg at a time just like regular folks, plucks his eyebrows one hair at a time just like regular folks, and like regular folks, well sometimes he wrestles with his conscience.

Let’s listen in . . .



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Mark Prepares a Lecture
Mark’s a busy man. There are lots of calls on his time and the day just kind of slips away. But now it’s just about time to give a lecture in marine science to students thirsty for knowledge and Mark isn’t quite prepared, What will he do?
Mark Reviews Potential Graduate Students
Everyone wants to be Mark’s graduate student. But how should he decide whom to pick?
Mark Thinks about Research
Sometimes important research can be dangerous, involving scuba diving in white shark-infested waters. Mark ponders whether the reward is worth risking the safety of his students.
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